Pinot Noir

The only Alsace variety producing red or rosé wines, the wines have a typically cherry-like, fruity character. Matured in oak barriques, they gain additional structure and complexity.



Pinot Blanc

Well-rounded and delicate, fresh yet supple, it represents the happy medium in the range of Alsace wines.



Dry, refined and delicately fruity, it has an elegant bouquet with sometimes mineral or floral notes, giving it good ageing potential. Recognized as one of the world’s finest white wine varietals it is a gastronomic wine par excellence.

Muscat d'Alsace

Very aromatic and wonderfully grapy, it is a dry wine, very different from the sweet Muscats of the Mediterranean.


Pinot Gris

Rich, full bodied and with a long finish, it displays woodland aromas, sometimes slightly smoky, with characteristic opulence and roundness.




Full bodied and exuberant, powerful and seductive, it is the best-known Alsace wine. Its deep bouquet displays rich aromas of fruit (mango, lychee), flowers (rose petals), or spices.