Sébastien Schwach - Vins d’Alsace



The « Domaine Schwach » is a family heritage for three generations. Originally founded by François Schwach. This wine broker step by step switched from his previous occupation to follow his appreciation for wine production. Starting in 1950 he bought the first parcels of wine groves that gradually became the beautiful domain it is now. It’s in 1960 that he sold his first production and since then the domain has continued to yield very fine wines. In 1975 Philippe took over the management. The further expanded the winery by the purchase of additional groves and by investing in and modernizing the facilities: which reflects. The uncompromising desire for the manufacturing of a high quality product. Today the third generation Sebastien is ready to passionately follow up on the tradition rich wich “savoir faire”.


Today the house Schwach is first and foremost a family enterprise whose is respect for the product and consumer and the desire to constantly improne quality . these results are visible by the continual good placements of their wines and sparkling wines in the Hachette Guide and many other guides. The Riesling’s were being regularly noticed at the “Riesling “ international competition and the Mand Cru “Rosacker” received in 2005 the “Excellence Trophy”. The sparkling wines also get regular gold and silver Medals at the “sparkling wines of France” competition. Respect for the environment to preserve the wine making legacy which will be an asset for future generations. Thus by signing on to the “Tyflo” charter for reasonable production methods the domaine has commited itself into following respectable and sustainable agriculture.


Our vineyards extend over 18 hectares around seven villages in the heart of Alsace wine country: Hunawihr where the wine cellass are Zellenberf, Ribeauvillé, Bergheim, Behenheim, Rignewihr and Ammerschwirh. The vineyards consist of four unique “terroire” Grand Cru (Osterberg, Schoenenbourg, Rosaker or Kaefferkopf) delivering wines that display all the qualities and nuances of sunlight a geolozy and a unique micro-climate. Every phase of the winemaking process is subjected to stringent demands, from planting the wines until the final bottling stage so that every vintagesyear is unique. This our agricultural methods favorize short trimming, as well as skipping wine rows (leaving one row untilled while the next one is cultivated), wich helps the vine roots develop and ensures the proper assimilation of minerals that the terroir is so prized for. To achieve even higher quality level each parcel is considered unique and is subject to individual scruting during the year. It shoned be noted again that all this is done keeping sight on environmental issues. Since we use specific products that preserve the richness of the fauna and flora that conserve in the long term the equilibrium of the soil, while minimizing water, ground and air pollution.


Since we use only our gropes to produce our wines we have a thoroungh control of the quality stanbdards. Modern technology has added a new layer of “savoir faire”, to the know how past downfrom previous generations resulting in a suktle alliance between tradition and state of the art. From the shipping of the grape loads in special vessels to the “pneumatre pressing” to avied bruising, for the subliminizing of the aromas as well as the usage of thermal regulated vats, these are the little steps which allow for a fine and unique type of wine, highlighting the different types of gropes and intrinsic character of the soil the the attention given during the winemaking process to all those little details is what makes for the difference in the end.



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